Publication of Vacant Plantilla Positions Pursuant to RA 7041

924 LIST OF 1 PLANTILLA POSITION (2019-129) November 15, 2019
923 LIST OF 1 PLANTILLA POSITION (2019-128) November 14, 2019
922 LIST OF 2 PLANTILLA POSITIONS (2019-127) November 12, 2019
921 LIST OF 4 PLANTILLA POSITIONS (2019-126) November 12, 2019
920 LIST OF 3 PLANTILLA POSITIONS (2019-125) November 11, 2019
  Download Personal Data Sheet here.  

All applications must be submitted to the email address on or before the deadline indicated in the publication together with the following documents needed in the evaluation process. Applications with incomplete documents/requirements will NOT be accepted. All forms must be ISO coded:

  • Letter of Intent indicating the Position Title, Item Number and Department/Branch name of the position applied for
  • Application Letter to the Selection Board (HQP-HRF-013)
  • Properly accomplished Personal Data Sheet (PDS) and Work Experience Sheet with recent passport size picture, signature and thumb mark. The PDS should be filled-out completely, e.g. inclusive dates of work experience must include the month, day and year (mm/dd/yyyy to mm/dd/yyyy), etc.
    Guide in filling out the PDS
  • Curriculum Vitae, for applicants applying for Salary Grade (SG) 22 and above
  • Certificate of duties and responsibilities attested/signed by the Immediate Supervisor
  • Certificate of Employment
  • Certificate of Trainings/Seminars attended
  • Certificate of Eligibility
  • Official Transcript of Records (TOR) and Diploma
  • Strategic Performance Management System (SPMS), for applicants who are existing employees of Pag-IBIG Fund and other government agencies (please refer to the publication for the required SPMS rating period)

Additional requirements for Pag-IBIG Fund employees applying for promotion/lateral transfer
· Psycho-Social Attributes and Personality Traits (PSAPT) duly rated by the following:

NOTE: Please indicate the Position Title, Item number and Department or Branch name in the subject of your email, e.g. “Subject: Application for HRMO II, Item No. 1234 of the Human Resource Development Department”