Floor Cluster/Sector/Group/Department
2nd Servicing Department
2nd Loans Support Services Department
2nd Members Relations Department
2nd Counter (Acquired Assets Department, Foreclosure Department, Remediation Department, IRID)
2nd Accounts Management & Billing
2nd Clinic
7th Office of the Chief Executive Officer
7th Commission On Audit (CHQ)
7th Acquired Assets Management Group
7th Marketing & Sales Department
7th Documentation Support & Property Management Department
8th Acquired Assets Management Group
8th Servicing Department
8th Facilities & Office Services Department
8th Commission On Audit (Housing)
8th OSVP-Business Development Sector
8th Property Valuation Department
11th OVP-Corporate Sales Group
11th Developer Assisted I & II Department
11th Institutional Housing Department
11th OVP-Housing Loans Origination Group
11th Loans Evaluation Department I
11th Loans Evaluation Department II
11th LSSD- Cah & Disbursement Division
12th OVP-Remediation Group
12th Foreclosure Department
12th Proj Mngt & Implementation Dept.
12th Remediation Department
14th Accounts Management & Billing Dept.
14th OVP-Home Lending Operations-Luzon Group
14th OVP-Housing Loans Accounting Group
14th Members Loans Acctg. Department
14th Finance Department
15th OSVP-Information Technology Services Sector
15th Information Systems Security Department
15th Data Center Department
15th Info Systems Dev't Department
15th Info Systems Quality Assurance Department
15th OVP-Computer Operations & Support Services Group.
15th Electronics Data Processing Department
15th Computer Operations Task-Force
16th Loan Support Services Department
16th OSVP-Loans Operations Sector
16th Housing Operations Support Unit
16th Loans Administration Division - OSVP-Loans Operations Sector
16th Members Relations Department
16th OVP- Member Services Branch Operations Luzon Group