The Pag-IBIG Fund released Circular No. 382 or “Guidelines on Housing Loan Payments thru Collecting Partners” to maximize housing loan collections through the utilization of Electronic Payment and Collection Facilities (e-facilities) and make it more convenient and faster for housing loan borrowers to pay their monthly amortizations.

1What are the advantages of paying thru the collecting partners?
  • By using Pag-IBIG’s e-facilities, borrowers will enjoy the following benefits:
    • 24/7 payment thru ECPay and CashPinas Moneygmnt App (payment received by 7-eleven stores)
    • Anywhere and anytime payment of housing loan amortizations. No need to travel to the Pag-IBIG offices just to pay.
    • Accessible collecting partners.
    • Several collecting partners with thousands of branches or authorized outlets nationwide
    • Savings on transport fare
    • Faster and secure transactions
2Who are the accredited collecting partners of Pag-IBIG?

Pag-IBIG’s collecting partners are:

  • SM Business Service Centers
  • SM Hypermarket
  • Savemore
  • Bayad Center and its authorized partners
  • Metrobank
  • ECPay (thru 7-Eleven stores and merchant partners)
  • M Lhuillier
  • CashPinas Moneygment App (Credit to Account, DragonPay, ECPay, PayPal and 7-Eleven stores)
  • GCash (mobile payment)
3How can a borrower pay thru the collecting partners?

Here are the steps:

  • For over-the-counter payment thru Bayad Center, SM, or M-Lhuillier:
    • Fill out the required payment form from the collecting partner. Be sure that you know your Housing Account Number (HAN) which you can get from your Monthly Billing Statement or previous Official Receipts.

      Note: If the wrong HAN is entered into the system of the collecting partners, the payment process may not continue or be credited to another HL account. Make sure that you enter or indicate the correct information, especially the HAN when paying.

    • Pay your housing loan amortization.
    • Receive the machine-validated Payment Slip indicating the Transaction Reference Number. This shall serve as your official receipt and proof of payment.

      Note: Metrobank and LANDBANK will receive payment for updated or current accounts only. NOT available for online banking.

  • Thru GCash mobile payment (available only for Globe/TM subscribers):
    • Register to GCash using your Glob/TM Sim
      • Dial *143# (no charge) and press CALL
      • Select “GCash”, and “REGISTER”. Enter details to required.
      • Enter “Registration Code” and you will be asked to confirm the details entered and agree on the “Terms and Conditions”.
      • Once transaction is successful completed, you will receive an acknowledgement reflecting the Reference Number and an instruction to change the MPIN for security purposes.
    • Convert Cash to GCash (Cash-in)
      • To cash-in, be sure that you are a Globe or Touch Mobile Subscribers
      • You can cash-in through:
        • Online bank transfer (for those with active accounts in the)
        • BancNet ATM
        • Insert your ATM Card in the machine of any BancNet bank.
        • Choose your option “Fund Transfer”
        • Key in your 11-digit mobile phone number when asked for the destination of the account number
        • Once the transaction is completed, you will received a text confirmation.
        • Mobile Phone Banking
        • At any GCash outlets
        • Go to your nearest GCash outlet to fund your GCash wallet.
        • Your money is now converted to GCash.
        • Use your GCash wallet in paying your housing loan amortization.
      • Enter “Registration Code” and you will be asked to confirm the details entered and agree on the “Terms and Conditions”.
      • Once transaction is successful completed, you will receive an acknowledgement reflecting the Reference Number and an instruction to change the MPIN for security purposes.
    • Once your GCash wallet has been funded, you can pay your housing loan amortization, as follows:
      • Dial *143# and choose GCash
      • Enter the reuired details
      • Once payment details are accomplished, a Transaction Summary will be displayed reflecting the program type and amount.
      • Confirm the amount, type of transaction and PRN to complete the transaction.
      • Upon confirmation, you will receive an acknowledgement message.

        Note: You can also access GCash via Mobile App. Download is free thru the App Store, Google Play or Blackberry Appworld.

  • For payment made thru 7-Eleven stores (via ECPay):
    • Visit the eCPay website at .
    • The user is required to register using a Mobile Number. Password is also necessary reasons.
    • After successful log-in, click “Select”.
    • Input your Housing Account Number (HAN), then click “Validate”. The member borrowed will be able to see his/her payment details (e.g. Area Code, Contact Number, and the Amount to be paid). Also, the member-borrower may opt to change the amount to be paid.
    • Upon clicking the 7-Eleven’s Payment Instruction Page.
    • User must present the Payment Instruction Page to any 7-Eleven branch for the payment.
    • A printed receipt will be issued as a confirmation that your transaction has been processed successfully.

      Note: You have 24 hours from time of log-in to ECPay website to pay your amortization at any 7-Eleven stores.

  • For payment made thru 7-Eleven stores (via CashPinas Moneygment App)
    • Download and install the Moneygment App (free download).
    • Register of Log-in (user may use Facebook, Gmail or their own email).
    • Select “Pay your SSS, PhilHealth, Pag-IBIG” link.
    • Fill in your account details.
    • Select “Pag-IBIG’, then select “Housing Loan Amortization” payment type.
    • Input your Pag-IBIG Housing Loan details.
    • Confirm your Payment.
    • Select payment method.
    • If thru 7-Eleven, you will be re-directed to the 7-Eleven payment instruction page.
    • Follow instructions and pay to any 7-Eleven stores. You will receive a printed receipt.
4What type of payments will the collecting partners accept?

All collecting partners will accept cash payment only, except for Metrobank and LANDBANK, who will accept check or cash payment.

5What proof will the member-borrower get to ensure that payment has been received by Pag-IBIG?

As proof of receipt of payment by Pag-IBIG, the Fund will send the borrower an SMS or text message confirming that his payment has been received.

The borrower can request for his Statement of Account that shows all payments made.

Meanwhile, the Transaction Reference Number indicated on the machine-validated Payment Slip or Billing Statement shall serve as the borrower’s proof of payment.

6How much are the convenience fees?

The partners will charge the following convenience fees per transaction:

  • SM (SM Business Center, SM Hypermarket, Savemore) – P5.00
  • Bayad Center and authorized partners – P7.00
  • CashPinas Moneygment App – free download of App; P25.00 for use of App
  • M Lhuillier – P7.00
  • ECPAy – P7.00
  • Metrobank and LANDBANK – no fee will be charged
7Can the borrower still pay his amortization even after the due date?

The following collecting partners will accept paments after due dates:

  • SM Business Center, Hypermarket and Savemore
  • Bayad Center and its authorized partners
  • Via ECPay thru 7-Eleven stores or its merchant partners (with signage “powered by ECPay”)
  • Using the CashPInas Moneygment App
  • M Lhuillier
  • GCash mobile payment

The following collecting partners will accept payments only for updated or current accounts:

  • Metrobank
8What kind of housing-related payments must be made directly to Pag-IBIG offices?

Pag-IBIG offices shall accept payments only for the following:

  • Accounts already endorsed to Collecting Agents (CA)
  • Transactions such as:
    • Full payment of housing loan obligation
    • Housing Loan Application processing fee
    • Appraisal Fee
    • Conversion cost
    • Housing Loan amortization payments to be applied to principal, where the borrowers instruction shall be required
  • Transactions related to the disposal of Pag-IBIG Acquired Assets, such as:
    • Full payment of selling price
    • Reservation fee
    • Down payment/Bidder’s Bond
    • Equity
    • Interim and Advance Mortgage/Sales Redemption Insurance (MRI/SRI) premiums
    • Interim and Advance Fire and Allied Perils Insurance (FAPI) premiums
    • Monthly instalment
    • Rent