As mandated in the HDMF Manual of Corporate Governance, Pag-IBIG Fund provided comprehensive medical and safety assistance for its employees to ensure that their physical and mental well-being are taken care of. The Fund provided the following for its Lingkod Pag-IBIG:

1. HMO Coverage for all employees

For the year 2021, a total of 3,900 regular employees were enrolled by the Fund as principal members under a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) coverage. The principal members, in turn, enrolled and paid for the premiums of 3,382 family members.

The HMO provider, acquired through competitive procurement enabled all principal enrollees and dependents to access healthcare and medical benefits such as inpatient services, outpatient services, and emergency care, with a Maximum Benefit Limit of P200,000.00 per illness per year.

2. Corporate-Wide Anti-Flu Immunization Program

The Human Resource Management Department (HRMD) initiated a corporate-wide anti-flu inoculation program from July to December 2021. A total of 7,235 Pag-IBIG Fund personnel to protect them from influenza. Of the number, 3,046 were regular employees, and 4,189 were contractors.

3. COVID-19 Vaccination Drive

The Human Resource Management Department (HRMD) coordinated with Local Government Units for the COVID-19 vaccination drive for all its employees. This is in line with the national government’s efforts in raising COVID-19 vaccine awareness, and increasing the numbers of the vaccinated to help curb the spread of the virus. A total of 10,421 out of 10,541, or 99.23% of Pag-IBIG Fund employees have been fully vaccinated, or have completed the required 2 doses of primary COVID-19 vaccine.

With the help of the vaccine, the Fund was able to curb workplace infections. Even with an average of 106 positive cases per month in 2021, the total number of cases for the year only represent 24.80% of the Pag-IBIG total population. Despite the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in the country, Pag-IBIG Fund was able to keep its cases within manageable levels, which allowed it to continue operations at the maximum capacity allowed by the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) protocols.

4. Weekly HR Bulletins and Advisories

The Pag-IBIG Fund Human Resources Services Group (HRSG) also ensured that all its employees are kept up-to-date through the release of HR Bulletins to provide advisories and synthesize accurate information on health, safety, benefits, wellness activities.

Through the weekly health bulletin, all Pag-IBIG Fund employees are apprised of the information about how the Fund -- from the officers to its employees, must behave, believe, and cooperate to continue to be safe from the virus.

In 2021, 125 HR Bulletins were released by the HRSG.

To ensure that all Lingkod Pag-IBIG are informed, these bulletins were released through email advisories and e-bulletins which launched as start-up in Pag-IBIG-issued computers/workstations.

5. COVID-19 Internal Response

Even prior to recording its first case of COVID-19 in March 2020, Pag-IBIG Fund had started implementing the basic anti-COVID-19 measures as recommended by the government and experts. The efforts were constantly made to minimize the impact of COVID-19 in the workplace and in the agency. The effectiveness of maintaining and keeping a healthy and safe work environment for the employees of the Fund was seen through the record-breaking achievements of the agency in 2021, despite the continuous restrictions brought about by the pandemic.

Amid the pandemic, Pag-IBIG Fund’s top priority is to provide service to its clientele, while ensuring the safety of its people together with their families. Top executives of Pag-IBIG Fund knew that to fulfill its mandates and serve its members, its people must be taken care of above anything else. The agency has continued its implemented COVID-19 interventions to raise awareness to its employees and help them become responsible and safe from the pandemic.

With this, the Pag-IBIG launched the following initiatives:

  • A four-part Office Order which states Pag-IBIG Fund’s Anti-COVID response was developed, disseminated, and implemented; grounded on the outputs of intensive research, discussions, and consultations with medical professionals, ensuring that every move to fight cross-infection in the office is science and evidence-based.
  • Alternative Work Arrangements aligned with the Civil Service Commission were implemented. Employees were divided into teams where one employee would report only thrice a week or less, to the office. Work from home arrangements were also implemented.
  • In keeping with government directives, transportation and temporary shelter (if applicable) were also provided for all employees to ensure their safety and protection reporting to work.
  • Personal protective equipment or PPEs were given to all workers (face masks, face shields, alcohol, disinfectants, and others) quarterly.
  • Constant monitoring of health and safety of all employees (through the Fund’s Daily Health Self-Assessment) in coordination with the medical experts, consultants and the agency’s HMO was conducted.
  • Installation of acrylic barriers and submission of members’ applications and inquiries through drop boxes to limit physical contact.
  • Offices were sanitized on a weekly basis.
  • All employees received remuneration on time. On top of this, they received loan payment relief in compliance to Philippine laws, RA 11469 and RA 11494 (includes suspension of loan deductions from employees’ payroll).
  • Collaborated with LGUs on the COVID-19 vaccination drive for all employees in 2021.
  • Flu vaccination program was conducted for all employees from July to December 2021.
  • Weekly emails and reminders were sent from the Human Resources Group and the CEO of Pag-IBIG Fund on safety reminders, guidelines, and recent updates about COVID-19.

With all these efforts, Pag-IBIG Fund was able to remain in service of its members and stakeholders, while putting the health and welfare of its people first.